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Performed by Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski, Honorary Advisory Professor

Students have opportunity to participate in a variety of additional school activities and/or enroll in individual lessons at the New Age Owls -- Music Academy (NAOMA). These include piano, keyboards, harp, cello, ensembles, voice,  international music competitions, and worldwide performance opportunities.  Students who demonstrate proficiency in an area of their interest have the opportunity to apply to the NAOMA which provides an elective path for students who want to develop their talents in a professional and inspiring environment alongside their studies. NAOWLS online  offers three program levels as follows:

I.  The Foundation Program --is catered to beginners or special needs students such as Music Therapy for Autistic Children.   

II.  The Intermediate Program--is designed for students who already have more than 5 years of music experiences and some performing experiences.  Students would like to challenge their discipline to broaden their music worldwide horizons.  Recommendation and auditions are required to enter to this level.   Grade 5 ABRSM Theory is mandatory.  

III.  The Professional Program--is designed for students who intends to deepen and specialize in competitions, chosen major field in university or soloist artist performer at orchestral platforms  Recommendation, auditions and proficiency evaluations are required to enter to this level.  

Performance Opportunities 

NAOMA hosts numerous events throughout the year providing performance opportunities for our ONLINE students to enrich their learning experience prior yearly annual concert be held in Singapore.  

Supplementary Music Course

Students can now also join the NAOMA YOUTH ORCHESTRA.

Moreover, individual lessons are available in:

  • Composition

  • Ear Training

  • Voice

  • IB Composition

  • AP Music Theory

  • Alexander Technique

  • Music Theory in German or English (ABRSM Syllabus available)


Annual price for 60-minute individual lessons: $1,180 total of 40 lessons.  Only applicable to Full Time Students of NAOMA.

Private Lesson Available

Private music instruction is crucial to instrumentalists and vocalists alike. Lessons are tailored to the developmental level of each student in a supportive yet challenging environment. Students work one-on-one with highly qualified faculty as they develop attention to detail, artistry, technique and musicianship.

For students ages 5-10, a parent is encouraged to listen to lessons and help their child practice at home. Students ages 11+ may attend lessons independently, depending on their level of responsibility. 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute lessons are available. Adult students are welcome.

All students are encouraged to participate in a minimum of one solo recital per semester to learn proper performance etiquette and showcase their skills. Students work towards local, regional and national performance opportunities.

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